Currently viewing Food terms beginning with letter: C

  Cambodian Mint   Candle Nuts
  Capers   Capsicum
  Carambola   Caraway Seed
  Cardamom   Cashew Nut
  Cassia   Cayenne Pepper
  Celery Seed   Cellophane Noodles
  Cha Siew   Chervil
  Chili Flakes   "Chili
  Chili Powder   "Chili
  Chili Sauce   Chinese Broccoli
  Chinese Cabbage   Chinese Chard
  Chinese Chives   Chinese Flowering Cabbage
  Chinese Kale   Chinese Parsley
  Chinese White Cabbage   "Chironji Nuts
  Chives   Choy Sum
  Cilantro   Cinnamon
  Cleaver   Cloud Ears
  Cloves   Coconut Cream
  Coconut Milk   Colocasia
  Coriander   Coriander Seeds
  Cream Of Tartar   Crisp Fried Garlic And Onion
  Cumin   Curry Leaves
  Curry Powder   Cadera
  Caldero   Caldereta
  Callos Con Garbanzos   Camachille
  Camaron Rebozado   Camote
  Canonigo   Carajay
  "carinderia   Champurrado
  Chicharron   Chico
  Chorizo   Churros
  Cocido   Cabbage
  Cacao   Caesar Salad
  Caffeine   Cajun Seasoning; Cajun Spice Seasoning
  Cake   Cake Comb
  Cake Flour   Calcium
  Callaloo   Calorie
  Cambric Tea   Campari
  "can   Candied Fruit; Candied Flowers
  Candy   Candy Thermometer
  Cane Syrup   Cane Vinegar
  Canola Oil   Cantaloupe
  Capsicum   Caramel
  Carbohydrate   Carbonated Water
  Caramelize   Carotene
  Carrot   Cashew Apple
  Cashew Nut   Casing
  Cassava   Casserole
  Cast Iron Cookware   Castor Sugar; Caster Sugar
  Caudle   Caul
  Cauliflower   Caviar
  Cayenne Chile   Cayenne Pepper
  Celery   Celery Salt
  Cellophane Noodles   Cerassee
  Cereal   Cereal Grains
  Chafing Dish   Chard
  Chaser   Cheddar Cheese
  Cheese   Cheese Steak
  Cheese Straws   Cheese Wire
  Cheesecake   Cheesecloth
  Cherry   Cherry Pepper
  Chestnut   Chew Stick
  Chicken   Chicken Kiev
  Chickpea; Chick-pea   Chiffon
  Chiffon Cake   Chiffonade
  Chiffonade Salad Dressing   Chile; Chili Pepper; Hot Pepper
  Chili Oil   Chili Paste
  Chili Powder   Chili Sauce
  Chinese Jujube   Chipped Beef
  Chips   Cho-cho
  Chocolate Syrup   Chocolate*
  Chop   Chow-chow; Chowchow
  Chowder   Chuck
  Churn   Chutney
  Cider   Cider Vinegar
  Citric Acid   Citrus Fruits
  Citrus Zester   Clabber
  Clam   Clam Chowder
  Claret   Clarified Butter
  Clarify   Cleaver
  Clingstone   Clotted Cream
  Clove   Club Sandwich; Clubhouse Sandwich
  Club Soda   Club Steak
  Coat   Coat A Spoon
  Cobbler   Cocktail
  Cocoa Butter   Cocoa Mix
  Cocoa Powder   Coconut Cream
  Coconut Milk   Coconut Oil
  Coconut*   Cod
  Coffee   Coffee Cake
  Cola   Cola Nut; Kola Nut
  Colander   Cold Cuts
  Cold Duck   Cole Slaw
  Combine   Complete Protein
  Composed Salad   Compound Butter
  Compressed Yeast   Conch
  Conching   Condensed Milk
  Condiment   Confection
  Confectionery Coating   Conserve
  Continental Breakfast   Convection Oven
  Converted Rice   Cookie
  Cookie Cutter   Cookie Gun
  Cookie Mold   Cookie Press
  Cookie Stamp   Cooling Rack
  Copper Cookware   Coral
  Core   Corer
  Corn   Corn Dog
  Corn Flour   Corn Husks
  Corn Meal   Corn Oil
  Corn Pone   Corn Salad
  Corn Syrup   Cornbread
  Corned Beef   Cornstarch
  Costmary   Cottage Cheese
  Cotton Candy   Country Gravy
  Country-cured Ham   Court-bouillon
  Cowberry   Cowpea
  Crab   Crab Boil
  Crab Cake   Crabapple
  Cracklings   Cranberry
  Cranberry Bean   Crayfish Or Crawfish
  Cream Cheese   Cream Of Tartar
  Cream Puff   Cream*
  Crimp   Crisp
  Crock-pot   Crown Roast
  Cruciferous Vegetables   Crumble
  Crumpet   Crush
  Crust   Crustacean
  Cube   Cube Steak
  Cucumber   Cupcake
  Curd   Curdle
  Cure; Curing   Currant
  Curried Goat   Curry
  Curry Leaf   Curry Paste
  Curry Powder   Custard
  Custard Apple   Cut In
  Cutlet   Cutting Board